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Lockdown Papercutting Project Day 32: Leafy Triangle

Leafy Triangle

This “Leafy triangle” cut is from a papercutting project that I’ve extended for the 2020 Covid19 Lockdown, where I’m trying to adapt and cut 100 designs in 100 days from the book “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments“, by Dover Books.)

Today’s design is number #681 in the book. It appears that I am definitely running out of inspiration with the titles of these designs, and so that’s why this one has ended up being called “Leafy triangle”

Closer up:

I like this design. It’s simple but effective. And it was also quite a challenge to cut, with its curvy shapes everywhere.

This one definitely ‘speaks’ to me, and I can see myself using it in a future project. Maybe I could adapt it even further, and hide some little initial letters (or even whole words) in the swirls. I think it would be really nice as part of a wedding papercut or standalone project. It would also make a lovely border for another ‘main’ papercut, if I repeated the design and made some linking sections between the triangles. It might also look good as a pattern cut out of a bigger silhouette shape – e.g. an animal.

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