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Lockdown Papercutting Project Day 31: Duck Flower

Duck Flower

This is from an ongoing papercutting project that I’ve been doing (working my way through designs from the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book by Dover Books.) Today’s design is number #677 in the book. OK, I know there’s no such thing (or at least I think there’s no such thing) as a ‘duck flower’, but I couldn’t think of anything else to call it, and to me it looks like it’s got a beak or a duck’s bill and is just about to eat something:

Closer up:

This is another ‘negative’ cutting, where instead of cutting the design from black paper, I’ve cut the shapes out of white paper and so the black is just the colour of the thing that the white piece of paper is resting on. If I’d rested the piece on some blue paper then it would be a blue ‘beak’ instead.”

It’s not too bad, in terms of skills. Considering how small it is, I’m quite pleased with the way the tiny rounded shapes turned out.

Would I use this design again in future in a ‘real’ project? Probably not. I can’t really see any circumstances under which I would need a flower with a beak.

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