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AI-Assisted Artwork #4: Author Merchandise for Recipe Book Authors: Laser-Etched Spoon

I have just been to the 20Books Sevilla conference, and it was just as inspiring as I’d expected. Before I set off, I asked ChatGPT to come up with some ideas for “author merchandise” (because I’m still on my challenge of creating 52 AI-assisted artworks during 2024.) One of the ideas it suggested was “Author merchandise for recipe book authors”, which should include “A recipe book title etched onto a wooden spoon”. So here is my interpretation below. To be honest I’m nor sure this even counts as an artwork, but I thought that authors of recipe books could put their book title on one side…

…and then they could put a QR code for their website on the other side of the spoon:

As it happens, I didn’t actually meet any authors of recipe books at the 20Books conference so I couldn’t show them my spoon-based wares, but that doesn’t really matter because I’m just doing what the AI tells me to do.

I met lots of lovely writers (even though none of them were authors of recipe books), and I also made a drunken promise commitment to another author (which I will explain more about at a later date…)

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