LaserSister's lasercut personalised wooden baubles are at #1 in Amazon's handmade ornaments category

Christmas #1

All of the hard work by me and my elves the last few weeks has paid off, and we have scored a Christmas #1 on Amazon!

At the moment when you see the wooden letter baubles on Amazon, they have a little orange flag with them that says “#1 Best Seller”:

I’m really happy about that! But of course, it’s only a Christmas #1 in a sub-sub-sub category of Amazon (i.e. “Handmade Ornaments”), and at the moment it’s still #9 in the “Handmade Products” category:

One day I’d like to get to number 1 in that Handmade Products category. Especially because at the moment #5 in the chart is a joke “million piece jigsaw puzzle”:

I suspect that people buy those as Secret Santa gifts for colleagues, and I have a strong suspicion that their colleagues would prefer to receive a nice wooden bauble rather than a plastic bag full of sawdust 🙂

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