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Lockdown Papercutting Project Day 17: Tall Fruit Basket

Tall Fruit Basket #517

This is from an ongoing papercutting project that I’ve been doing. (Basically I’m trying to work my way through all of the designs in the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book by Dover Books.) The book only has numbers next to the designs and doesn’t have names or titles for them, so I usually call them whatever they look like. Hence “Tall Fruit Basket”…

Closer up:

Although I think a tall fruit basket would actually be rather impractical in real life (What are those fruits? How the heck do you reach the fruit at the bottom? How do you clean it if a kiwi fruit goes all mushy? If it’s not hollow all the way down to the bottom, then why does it need to be such a tall plinth to just hold fruit? If you did stretch your hand down to the bottom and grab a big grapefruit, is the middle section too narrow to let you pull the grapefruit back up? etc…), I like the overall lines of the design.

But I’m guessing I won’t be using the design again in a hurry.

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