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Art Nouveau Rose Papercut

Art Nouveau Rose Papercut K113 from Decorative Vector Ornaments Book

Technically I guess this is papercut 102 of the (now-extended) papercutting project, but I’m starting a new numbering convention because I’d cut other pieces from this book in the past and so actually there are already lots more than 102 in total. So now I’m starting to refer to them by their numbers in the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book. (It’s not enough to just call the designs things like “Art Nouveau Rose Papercut”, because there are a lot of Art Nouveau-style designs in the book!)

This one is really cute:

Closer up:

I was really concentrating hard on this one, and also using a new blade, and I think it really shows. Most of the lines are really really crisp and clean, and there are some quite fine lines in there as well.

The design is one of my favourites, actually. I might incorporate it into the next card that I develop.

I cut this one while listening to the Bestseller Experiment Podcast (episode #163). I’m enjoying this podcast so much and getting so much out of it that last week I actually signed up as a patron on their Patreon page.

There are still hundreds of designs left in the book that I haven’t adapted or cut, yet! And even if I do one papercut per week then that means that if I’ve got 500 designs left to adapt/cut, then I’ll be doing this for another 10 years. Wow. I hope my eyesight stays good enough to manage it! For the first time this year I have had to start wearing reading glasses for close-up work.

Oh well, I’m still enjoying myself. And I really do like today’s design.

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