papercut 711 moustache heart filigree - horizontal - LaserSister - KayVincent

Lockdown Papercutting Project Day 44: Moustache Heart Filigree

Moustache Heart Filigree #711

“Moustache Heart Filigree” is the latest design from the ongoing papercutting project that I’ve been doing. (Basically I’m trying to work my way through all of the designs in the “922 Decorative Vector Ornaments” book by Dover Books.)

This design is number 711 in the book. It’s ended up with one of the more unusual names for a design (and blog post title), because I couldn’t think how else to describe it. But as I write this post (as opposed to when I originally cut the piece) it is now November, which in recent years has become “Movember“. (Movember’s aim is to raise awareness about men’s health issues, including mental health issues.)

…and this design just happens to have what looks like a big Victorian-type waxed moustache in the middle of a heart. So why not just “say what I see”, and call the design “Moustache Heart Filigree”? Plus for all I know, those three words have never been put together in that order in the history of the English Language, so I feel like quite the pioneer 🙂

papercut 711 moustache heart filigree - vertical pinterest - LaserSister - KayVincent

Closer up:

papercut 711 moustache heart filigree - horizontal - LaserSister - KayVincent

This was a challenging design to cut, and so I really enjoyed it.

I can’t immediately think of an occasion when I might use this particular design in a project. But never mind – it can still go into my sketchbook for me to look at later.

I’m still listening to the Servant of the Crown audiobook that I mentioned yesterday. I’m always on the hunt for great fantasy novels (or even good ones), but so far this one isn’t even a fantasy book. It’s mentioned a mage a couple of times, but that’s as close as it’s got to any magic. Remind me to put some magic in my fantasy book when I eventually get round to writing it…

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