Small print

Hi – this is the page all about my policies on things like:

  • affiliate links
  • recommendations
  • cookies
  • sponsorship
  • participation in the comments
  • copying of my images and text

If you think I am doing something wrong, please let me know (via the contact form) and I will try to fix it!

Affiliate Links
Some of the links on this site will take you to other websites where you can buy (relevant) products – e.g. from Amazon, where if you do click through and buy the item then Amazon might pay me a tiny bit of money for sending you their way. Most links just show pages or products that I have researched in order to provide more information and examples, but if you are worried about whether Amazon are giving me money for recommending you to them then feel free to do your own independent search for the product/info via a search engine (e.g. Google).


Where there are items that I’ve actually bought and tested myself I will let you know my honest opinion of what I thought about them, but these are just my personal opinions. Please don’t assume they are actual recommendations, because as with everything on the Web, you need to do your own research and make your own mind up about products, suppliers, and manufacturers. Also, you might be in a completely different country to me (or be reading this months or years after I wrote the post), so you might have more/different/better options available to you. Still, if I buy or use a product and genuinely think it is awesome, then I reserve the right to say so!

I haven’t created or used any cookies myself on this site (codes that track your use of the Internet and help to tailor content specifically to you), but the site is hosted by WordPress and includes some ‘widgets’ so they might use cookies of their own. Here is some information I found about what might be stored.

I don’t currently have any sponsors (i.e. I’m not getting paid to tell you how good any particular products are), but if I did I would let you know that I was being sponsored.

Participation in the comments
Please do participate! Constructive criticism accepted (e.g. telling me where I could do better). Nothing too sweary please, and no negative attacks on anyone/anything – I am aiming for a positive, creative, and troll-free blog.

Copying of my images and text
Feel free to link to my images on Pinterest or to use them for your own research, or to link to the blog or quote individual sentences from it – but please include a link back to me (or at least acknowledgement of the source). Anything else (e.g. uploading or copying to your own website/blog) please ask me first via the Contact Form. (Basically I don’t want to work for hours on creating something and then see it being used to make money for someone else’s website/shop/etc…)

Similarly, I always try to link back to original sources and/or acknowledge them, and will not deliberately breach anyone’s copyright. If you think I may be infringing someone’s copyright (e.g. if I’ve used a royalty-free image from Creative Commons that turns out to have been put on there by someone who didn’t have the copyright themselves), then please let me know, so I can do something about it.