Kay Vincent - aka - PolymerKay - LaserSister
Kay Vincent

About Kay Vincent / LaserSister

In 2003 I took a sabbatical from my teaching job, to do a Master’s Degree in computing at Brighton University in the south of England.

Unfortunately, three weeks into the course I was squashed by a car outside the university which broke my pelvis, legs, right elbow, right shoulder, and a few other little bones.

While recovering from my injuries I started writing articles for craft magazines, and also did an MA in Creative Writing.

In 2011 I finally finished the MSc computing course I’d started in 2003…then completely ignored it and took a giant leap into the unknown by buying a laser cutter and starting a craft business. The business creates bespoke lasercut artworks for individuals, museums, and galleries in the UK – please see my Services page for more information, or the Shop page to view my own current products.

So now I am an author, craftsperson and lasercutting business owner, and enjoying the adventure. Wish me luck!

LaserSister Kay Vincent with new laser - Epilog Fusion Edge

In the meantime I continue to be intrigued by the intersection of technology and traditional crafts, so I will keep exploring those areas.

Thanks for reading. Bye!

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