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Latest laser cut family tree design

Laser cut family tree design

lasercut wooden family tree

I’ve been a bit busy with my PhD recently, so have put all of my online shops into ‘holiday mode’ in order to devote more time to studying. But I do still accept occasional word-of-mouth orders from friends and family and existing customers. This week I made a laser cut family tree design for a friend:

This is one of my favourites – I particularly like the pattern of the woodgrain on this one.

And it’s always a good sign when you can read the names even as a tiny thumbnail-sized image. It usually means that in the real-life version, the design will be readable from across any room where the piece is hanging or standing. For the more recent designs I’ve been getting into the habit of leaving a lot more space around the letters than before, and the ‘less is more’ approach means that the names do seem to stand out a lot better.

Despite being raaaather busy (or maybe because of it?!) I also accidentally got sucked into dabbling with Instagram this week, so have now properly activated my account and have put this ‘Doreen’ family tree image on my account (@LaserSister). So if Instagram is your thing, please do have a poke around my images and say hi over there (once I upload some more content onto it!)

Right, must go and do some more studying. But in the meantime if you have urgent need of a unique personalised family tree, feel free to contact me or to check on the ‘Shop‘ tab at the top of this page to see if any of my online stores are up and running at the moment.

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